VarGlobal provide training solutions in the aerospace industry including:


  • Commercial Aircraft Simulation Training
  • EMT Air Medical Crew Training
  • Search and Rescue
  • Pilot and Mechanic Training
  • Aviation English and ESL Training
  • Night Vision Goggles NVG Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Safety Management Systems
  • OSHA

We provide solutions for different needs of aviation, industrial safety and project management training in USA or abroad.

VarGlobal offer the most advanced flight simulators and Advanced Flight Training Devices on the market today with state of the art technology and design to achieve the highest possible realism and reliability. The full motion level D simulators and Advanced Flight Training Devices Level 6 offered by VarGlobal use the highest quality available, resulting in low operating cost per hour and very low time for maintenance, only 0.2%.

Our simulator’s quality is at the leading edge of the market. The simulators are developed with a control loading system for higher fidelity and lower power consumption. Our Smart Panels replicate the functions and appearance of original instruments, cost less and technology that make the simulators more realistic, more reliable, easier to operate, and more economical.